hallo. my name is lipa. i live in san francisco, california and attend university, studying theoretical quantum physics, cosmology, astrophysics, particle physics, and mathematics. i have a diploma in croatian language and culture, a certification in electrical theory, and a degree in funeral service and embalming. i also spent time studying archaeology, french, and art history. i took a break in between my past and current studies, during which i modeled full-time for a number of years (print stuff like magazines, lookbooks, and catalogs…no runway, though, as i am much too short). i have also worked at sanrio, the public library, and auto repair shops. i live in a pretty downtown home with the very best puppy.

- - -

birthday:  24 november
height:  5’4”
weight:  98 lbs
skin color:   pale olive
eye color:  grey
hair color:   auburn
blood type:  a+
heritage:  croatian, french, british, native american
languages spoken:  english, french, croatian
favorite animal:  sloth
favorite pokemon:  mew
favourite foods:  ethiopian food, extra-dark chocolate, turkish and mediterranean food, vegan pizza, blueberries
places traveled:  croatia, france, belgium, the netherlands, germany, england, scotland, italy, switzerland, costa rica, guadeloupe, mexico, most of the usa
favourite activities: dreaming; being with my puppy; learning about the universe; playing piano; being in my bed; picnics; reading manga and comics; traveling about the world; mathematics; video games; going on walks